• £ 3.50


Golden brown crispy puree stuffed with yellow peas and potato preparation, served with tamarind sauce. 

    • £ 3.50


Yellow peas, potato preparation mixed with chotpoti moshla. Topped up with shredded egg and served with tamarind sauce.

    • £ 4.50

Nawabi Shahi Haleem

Different types of lentils cooked with special haleem mosla and chunk of beef, served with fresh coriander, ginger, green chili & lemon.

    • £ 2.90

Shami Kebab

Small patty of minced meat mixed with shaahi mosla & fried in deep oil.

    • £ 2.90

Jali Kebab

Mince chicken marinated with Bangladeshi special herbs, egg, fresh mint, and coriander and bread.

    • £ 2.90

Chicken RoastMN

Roasted chicken topped with fried onions.

    • £ 4.90

Home Smoked Tandoori Salmon

Fresh smoked tandoori Salmon, home made special recipe.

    • £ 3.95

Sheek Kebab (Chicken or Lamb)

Minced lamb with fresh herbs and spices.

    • £ 2.90

Fish Cutlet

Sweet water fish cooked with potato and spice.

    • £ 1.90