• £ 4.25

Cadbury’s Flake

Elegant glass filled with dairy ice cream layered with thick Cadbury chocolate sauce and Cadbury’s Flake.

    • £ 4.25

Ferrero Rocher

World famous rich Ferrero Rocher ice cream combined with thick chocolate sauce topped with Ferrero Rocher.

    • £ 4.00

Chocolate Cheesecake

Made with cream cheese, rich chocolate chips and a hint of vanilla. Topped with chocolate ganache and white curls.

    • £ 4.00

Chocolate Fudge Cake

A classic dessert. Layers of dark chocolate sponge, topped with a rich chocolate ganache and white & dark chocolate curls.

    • £ 4.00

Passion Pot

Luxurious mango flavoured ice cream, rippled with passion fruit sauce and topped with papaya pieces.

    • £ 4.00

Toffee Twilight

A combination of dairy toffee and vanilla ice creams swirled with toffee sauce & topped with toffee pieces.

    • £ 4.00

Matka Kulfi

Creamy and luscious dessert made with pistachio kulfi ice cream, containing saffron, topped with almond & pistachio nuts.

    • £ 3.75

Funky Pie

A biscuit crumb cup filled with vanilla ice cream and topped with toffee sauce and hazelnuts.

    • £ 3.75

Coconut Supreme

Cool & delicious coconut ice cream packed into real half coconut shell.

    • £ 3.00

Egg Man

Strawberry & vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips, packed in a plastic cup with a funny surprise. Suitable for children.